Our latest LED system builds on our previous LED systems by incorporating a double row of LED’s spaced at ¼” O.C., internal embossed prism lens and an advanced multifunction LED driver with functionality options and programming capabilities. The design and functionality of the LED driver allows for the bus owner to specify the best suited lighting option for their individual needs.

The Pretoria LED system offers two LED colors as standard, nominal 6500K Cool White (replicates daylight) or nominal 4500K Warm White (replicates common fluorescent lamps) with choice of White and Blue/White internal prism lens.

Pretoria LED systems offer three functionality options:

  • Standard Configuration – duplicates the operation of fluorescent systems
  • Manual Dimming Option – Driver console or concealed control module with light output adjustment knobs for the R/S and C/S
  • Programmable Light Output Option – Offers multiple run modes, adjustable soft start/extinguish, diagnostics, and storage of custom programs

Bus LED Lighting Retrofit CutsheetModified Date: January 13, 2016Filesize: 2,699kB
LED Transit Lighting and Ducting CutsheetModified Date: November 10, 2015Filesize: 4kB
Passenger Rail Interiors CutsheetModified Date: January 13, 2016Filesize: 2,008kB
Rail LED Retrofit CutsheetModified Date: October 29, 2015Filesize: 3,116kB
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