Offer upscale aesthetics and function to any transit bus, either new construction or retrofit program. Our Suburban OPR units can be found in cities across North America and are the standard for Suburban routes. We engineer and design units for each OEM bus configurations, Low Floor and Standard Floor.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum composite panels and satin anodized aluminum extrusions, Pretoria can apply matching or complimentary seating upholstery to the underside of the racks that make the bus interior “pop” with an inviting feel. Our Overhead Parcel Racks are designed to last longer than the life of the bus.

Options Include:

  • LED Aisle Lighting
  • Passenger Convenience Modules (speaker, dual LED reading lights, AC vents)
  • Superior Air Flow for Full Length of the Bus
  • Front Grab Rails Reduces Stanchion Requirements
  • Larger Parcel Capacity than the Competition


For new bus construction, or retrofit, these systems provide superior quality and value


From lighting, ducting, vents, speakers, and call buttons, we provide many options for your exact needs


Low profile design adapts to wide range of roof surfaces


Dual LED reading lights in 12VDC and 24VDC with color temperature options available

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