Safe Fleet leads the Motorcoach mirror industry with innovations to improve safety and reliability. Our exclusive wire chase design is available on select Safe Fleet exterior mirrors and the revolutionary 9” x 13” head design provides an additional 2” of curb height clearance on low floor transit buses. Safe Fleet’s wide angle convex provides a 25% gain in viewing area vs. conventional convex mirrors!

Safe Fleet’s selection of mirrors allow you to choose virtually any configuration possible with the widest assortment of options!

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Mirror Options

  • Cast aluminum arms
  • Cast aluminum brackets
  • Injection molded/Vacuum form ABS shells
  • First surface chrome mirror glass
  • Black powdercoat finish option
  • Chrome finish option
  • FMVSS compliant
  • Quick release bracket options


Glass Options

  • Full face: flat & convex
  • Full face with stick-on convex
  • Add-on convex mirrors
  • Split view (single head, split glass)
  • Flat top or bottom
  • Convex top or bottom
  • Wide-angle convex mirror: 25% improvement in viewing area over conventional convex mirrors!
  • Quick-release glass bezels


Head Styles

  • 8”x18”
  • 8”x22”
  • 9”x13”
  • 10”x11”
  • Manual: heated or non-heated
  • Remote: heated or non-heated


Turn Signals

  • Thru-glass technology
  • OTS (On The Shell)
    • Mounts to side or back of shell for customized signal location
    • Doubles as marker light for DAY/NIGHT operation


Camera & Object Detection

Upgrade your mirror with another level of safety and security.

Provides on-screen surveillance for both sides of the vehicle.

  • Integrated into mirror housing for protection
  • Optional 7” LCD monitor
  • Infrared LEDs for assisted nighttime vision
  • Ultrasonic sensors for object detection


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