Mirrors designed with your vehicle in mind: Ford, Chevy, Chevy 5500, International and Freightliner.

Choose from Heated Single Glass or Dual Glass; Electrical Remote, Single or Dual; UP or DOWN Head Configuration; Turn Signal available in Arm or Head (Through Glass Technology); Aluminum Arm Construction and Multiple Finishes Available.

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Head Options

  • 9”x13”
  • 8”x18”

Finish Options

  • Black powder coat
  • White
  • Chrome

Glass Options

  • Full face: flat & convex
  • Full face with stick-on convex
  • Add-on convex mirror sizes:
    • 5” round
    • 6” round
    • 5”x7” rectangular
  • Split view
    • Flat top or bottom
    • Convex top or bottom
  • Wide-angle convex BRC mirror. 25% improvement in viewing area over conventional convex mirrors!
  • Quick-release glass bezels
  • Manual
  • Heated remote


Displayed With Optional LED Turn Signal

  • 2 way, 2 color light: red & amber
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Clear lens
  • Can be mounted on ANY head


Ford Class C Wide Body Mirror Options

  • European styling
  • 18″ arm
  • 9″ x 13″ mirror head
T1000 Yes No
T1001 Yes No
T1004 No Yes
T1005 No Yes


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