The Triple Value Safety Vent II is a combination roof ventilator/ emergency exit that provides 5-position fresh air ventilation as well as incorporating a built in non-closeable static exhaust vent. The product also includes a simple release handle that allows the hatch to hinge open for emergency exit.

Additional Features

  • Static Vent provided with one piece outer cover designed
    to minimize leaks
  • Interchangeable with earlier Transpec models
  • Available in various radiuses to  t different roof curvatures
  • Available with vandal lock feature
  • Constructed of high strength UV stable materials
  • Available with optional adhesive sealant and reflective tape
  • Meets D250 Standard for Canadian school bus


Low profile design adapts to wide range of roof surfaces

Made in the USA

Proudly manufactured in North Carolina with 35 years proven product performance


No external fasteners required for installation


5 year


Constructed of high strength UV stable materials

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