The 2000 series 2-light air operated stop arm features two strobing high intensity LED light clusters on the top and bottom on either side of the stop sign that strobe independently and alternate from one another. It is designed with simplicity in mind, with very few moving parts and a simple air diaphragm which makes this unit virtually trouble free. It is constructed from steel that is properly coated for corrosion resistance.

  • Available in 2-light Strobing LED with Hi-Intensity Prismatic or Diamond Grade Decal
  • Available in English or French Language


A proven method of reducing pass-bys and enhancing rider safety. Available in 6 languages.


Air or electric operated. Aluminum or composite blade construction. Available with LED or Halogen lights in a flashing or strobing pattern. Two grades of highly reflective decals.

Extreme Temp

Certified operation between -30° and 130°

Shock and Vibration

Rough roads, potholes, and dat-to-day jarring are no match for the solid state electronics. Tested to SAE J845/575 standards

Corrosion Resistant

Bases are e-coated and powder coated to withstand harsh elements and road chemicals


2 year

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