The Defender Electric Stop Arm is an electrically operated unit that features two alternately flashing lights on the top and bottom of the sign. The new intelligent stop arm drive system includes a new motor with 200% more torque than previous versions, and a sealed design for increased reliability and reduced downtime.

  • An integrated closed loop controller with motor encoder for deployment accuracy
  • Obstruction detection technology eliminates premature motor failures
  • A new heavy duty design with a 30% thicker blade
  • 200% increase in torque
  • Heavy gauge steel hinge
  • The product options include: high wind guard, decals, and lighting options
  • 3 year product warranty


Ensures student safety with less downtime. Proven to reduce illegal pass-bys.


New motor design ensures proper stowing and product longevity. Will serve for 10-12 years of average usage.


Obstruction detection to prevent blade damage and improve safety.


High wind guard to eliminate wind flutter in high wind areas. Decals are available in engineering or high intensity grade for optimum visibility. Incandescent or LED, strobing or non-strobing lighting options.


3 years

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